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7 London Cocktail Experiences

If you’re looking for an immersive drinking experience in London, look no further. These 7 original London cocktail bars are sure to be the talk of your friends for years to come.

One of the latest entrants in the immersive cocktail scene, Avora is a brand new world cocktail experience that sees guests enter a fictional ecosystem where they can create their own cocktails. It’s a bit of fun, but it also draws parallels with some important issues that are currently facing the planet.

Looking Glass Cocktail Club

Looking Glass Cocktail Club is a bar in Shoreditch that combines contemporary urban decor with the ambiance of Alice in Wonderland. The space is a great place to drink with friends, as the decor and ambiance make it relaxing and fun.

The space is designed to accommodate both casual cocktails and after-work drinks with friends. Its rustic contemporary decor includes feature walls of exposed brick, decadent plush sofas and accents of greenery.

This East London bar is known for its creative combination of cocktails and performance art. Its bartenders use the latest mixology techniques to create unique and original cocktails using high-quality ingredients.

Guests can enjoy a variety of delicious cocktails here, such as the Pool of Tears and the Turtle Soup. The bar also offers drinks with a theatrical flair, such as the Shrinking Violet.

There are two bars in the space, one at the front and the other behind a mirror. The front bar is great for drinks with friends, while the back bar is a great spot for a date.

The main bar is decorated with Louis XVI-inspired furniture and other vintage pieces. The opulent ‘looking glass’ that you pass through is also a highlight, allowing guests to enter a mysterious’secret room’. This private room is perfect for a small group of guests, and features hanging bulbs, distressed woodwork and soft-candlelight that suggest a speakeasy with a lavish classical touch.

In addition to its impressive list of cocktails, the bar has a huge range of beer and other spirits. It is a popular destination for locals and visitors who want to experience a unique nightlife in London.

Whether you are planning a party or a wedding, the Looking Glass Cocktail Club is a great choice for your event. Its staff is friendly and helpful, and it has a full audio setup to provide you with the best possible experience.

The bar is a great place to meet new people, as it is an all-ages social venue. The ambiance is pleasant, and the drinks are delicious. Its staff is knowledgeable and friendly, and its prices are reasonable.

Dick Bradsell’s Bar

When it comes to the london cocktail experience, you can’t go wrong with Dick Bradsell’s Bar. This classic London hotspot is a must for anyone who loves cocktails and enjoys spending time with a group of friends. This bar has a fun atmosphere and serves a variety of drinks to suit every occasion.

The bar is located on Broadwick Street in Soho and features a unique menu with a playful twist on classic cocktails. It also offers a boozy homage to the late Dick Bradsell, one of London’s most well-known and respected bartenders.

Dick Bradsell was a pioneer of the modern cocktail bar scene in England and he will be remembered for his creations such as the Espresso Martini. This drink is made up of vodka, coffee liqueur, and espresso. It was first created in the 1980s by bartender Dick Bradsell and was one of the most popular cocktails of that time.

In addition to the Espresso Martini, Dick Bradsell created other famous cocktails such as the Blackberry Bramble and the Russian Spring Punch. These cocktails have become staples in the bar industry and are easy to make.

Another popular drink created by Dick Bradsell is the Vodka Espresso. This drink was originally called the “vodka espresso martini” and is made up of vodka, coffee liqueur, espresso, and sugar syrup. It was originally invented by Dick Bradsell in the 1980s and is a very popular drink that is served everywhere from high-end clubs to restaurants.

This drink is a blend of vodka, coffee liqueur, and fresh espresso. It was originally invented by Dick Bradsell at the bar The Player in London and is considered a staple of the cocktail world.

Many bartenders have been inspired by this drink and it is often served in bars throughout the world. It is a great option for those looking to try a new cocktail that they have never tried before.

The bar is a favorite among locals and tourists alike and it serves everything from charcuterie boards to specialty cocktails. It’s also a great spot for those who love to enjoy a glass of wine or beer while relaxing with friends.

The Old Truman Brewery

The Old Truman Brewery is the heart of East London’s media and arts quarter, with a thriving community of creative businesses, galleries, markets, bars and restaurants. Spread over 10 acres, the site has been transformed from a drab, derelict area into a vibrant business and leisure hub.

The brewery is home to a plethora of bars and restaurants, ranging from small independent cafes to larger chain eateries. The site is also the location for many events, such as markets and fairs.

For the cocktail lovers among you, this is one of the most exciting venues in London, with a range of bars, immersive experiences and PS6 cocktails to be enjoyed throughout the week. This year it is the venue for London Cocktail Week and will be hosting a special Cocktail Culture Experience presented by Hi-Spirits.

In addition to the dozens of cocktail bars there are many other amenities at the brewery. The onsite market is always a popular place to pick up an assortment of goods from local artists and craftspeople.

Another reason to visit is the Free Range exhibition, featuring work from some of the best art, design and architecture students in the country. The event is held at the brewery each month and is free to visit.

Whether you’re looking for an original piece of street art, or just want to check out the various buildings and yards that make up the complex, it is well worth checking out the Old Truman Brewery. You will find a large street art sculpture by French artist Invader installed in 2009, which overlooks the entire site.

If you’re a fan of lager, head to the nearby Brewery Yard where you can grab a pint of the brewery’s own brand. This includes traditional beers such as 1916 Barley Wine and London Keeper, as well as some newer offerings.

The brewery is currently the largest independent brewer in the city. The company’s history is a fascinating one. The earliest known mention of the brewery dates back to 1666, when Joseph Truman first started brewing at the brewhouse in Brick Lane. After he died in 1720, the business was passed down to his sons. Sampson Hanbury became a partner in 1780 and his brother Osgood joined in 1812.

In the 20th century the brewery struggled with competition from cheaper imported lager and the consolidation of the largest names in brewing through mergers. However, the brand was revived in 2010 and is now brewed on its Brick Lane premises.

The London Cocktail Club

London Cocktail Club is the brainchild of John James ‘JJ’ Goodman, a former winner of BBC’s The Restaurant who aims to recreate those crazy and unforgettable nights out that you can only have with your mates – a party atmosphere paired with world-class bartenders and a bespoke menu that mixes the best cocktails in the world. The group has 17 locations in London, Bristol, Cardiff, Reading, Exeter and Birmingham, offering table and area bookings and a variety of special offers for a night out you won’t forget.

A fun ‘pharmacy’ setting awaits guests at this Islington branch of the London Cocktail Club where rocking drinks and revelry come together to create a one-of-a-kind experience. Expect a full range of apothecary based cocktails, from the Bacon & Egg Martini infused with premium Tennessee whiskey to a wide selection of souped-up shooters.

This secret speakeasy prides itself on a 1920s prohibition-style theme that is brought to life through the cocktail menu and the décor. You’ll find creative names like the Wobbly Journalist and Hemingway’s Breakfast, as well as cocktails crafted to suit the theme such as the House Grog (three rums, port, sherry, gin and arrack).

With the help of Flow Learning, London Cocktail Club wanted to make sure its bartenders were up to speed with the latest cocktail techniques before they opened their doors. This involved a complete overhaul of the bar’s training programme, including the development of an online course for bartenders that could be completed at their own pace.

The Flow learning management solution allowed the team to deliver on their commitment to training and development in a cost effective and time efficient manner. It also provided a platform for learning that would allow them to track, evaluate, and improve their performance.

During the first two years of operation, the London Cocktail Club received positive feedback from customers and media, with the brand earning several awards for their exemplary customer service. Their success helped them secure a place as one of the UK’s leading independent beverage companies, which led to the company opening additional bars in the London and Bristol areas.