mobile cocktail class

Why Choose a Mobile Cocktail Class?

If you have a bachelorette party or birthday coming up, a mobile cocktail class is an excellent way to kick off the night. They’re fun, interactive and can be done at home or in a bar!

You’ll be taught the tricks of the trade by a professional mixologist. Some mobile classes even offer a range of challenges and games to keep the good times flowing!

Classic Cocktail Making

Classic Cocktail Making is a popular party activity and a great way to get everyone together for a fun night out. These interactive sessions are a great choice for Birthday Parties, Hen Dos and team building events. Our mobile cocktail classes offer the perfect solution for anyone looking to create a truly unique and memorable experience with their friends or colleagues.

A cocktail is made by mixing and shaking various ingredients to create the desired drink. The key to successful cocktail making is to ensure the dilution of alcohol is perfect without creating bubbles or ice shards, this requires practice and is best achieved by attending a class led by an experienced mixologist.

Our Mastermixology mobile cocktail classes are a great way to discover the secrets behind your favourite cocktails and have fun with your friends in the comfort of your own home or chosen venue! These 90 minute ‘hands on’ cocktail making sessions are perfect for groups of all ages and abilities.

The classic gin martini is one of the most popular drinks to date and can be made using a variety of different gins. You can add a touch of sweetness with honey or citrus to balance out the flavours. Other drinks you can try include the Old Fashioned, the Sidecar and the Whiskey Highball.

Another popular drink is the Negroni and this can be made using gin, vermouth rosso or Campari and then garnished with orange peel. Other popular drinks are Daiquiris and the Whiskey Sour, which can be made with rum or white rum.

A few ingredients and a little bit of seasoning can make a big difference when it comes to classic cocktail making, this is why many bartenders will give you a few recipes that are their favourites for you to recreate at home. They will also explain what to look out for when blending the different ingredients in order to achieve the desired balance and taste.

If you are looking for a cocktail making masterclass then check out Eau De Vie who offer three different options all of which can be customised for the group that you are taking part in! Choose a shaken cocktail making session with the opportunity to make a Marmalade Martini, Aviator or 20th Century or a Stirred masterclass where you can mix your own drink.

Exotic Tiki Cocktails

As any bartender will tell you, tiki cocktails are among the most fun to make. The rum-and-fruit concoctions are always a blast to prepare, and the over-the-top garnishes (banana dolphins, pineapple parrots) never fail to delight patrons. But there is much more to tiki than the colorful drinks themselves and the glitzy props that accompany them.

Tiki cocktail recipes are often complex, and many of them call for ingredients that aren’t as common as rum or other liquors. For example, if you like to mix up the original Zombie, you’ll need to know the names of Pernod (a French anise-flavored liqueur) and Falernum (a syrup liqueur made in the Caribbean that has flavors of ginger, lime and almond).

These exotic ingredients are all the more reason to get excited about making these tiki cocktails. They allow for more creativity in preparing these delicious drinks, and you can experiment with new and exciting ingredients that will take your bartending skills to the next level.

For those who don’t want to get carried away with tiki drinks, there are also some simple tiki cocktails that you can enjoy when you just want to unwind. Those can be great on nights when you need to relax and forget the daily grind.

Another great option is the Painkiller, a tiki spin on the classic pina colada that dials up the rum and coconut, and leaves them more of a supporting player.

If you’re not a fan of rum, you can still make tiki cocktails with other alcohols, such as vodka or gin. This is a great way to try out tiki-inspired ingredients without feeling too overwhelmed or having to spend a lot of money on a whole bottle.

You can even create a zero-ABV tropical mocktail! Harkey’s imagining a tropical drink with orange, lime, orgeat and cinnamon.

The Chia is a delicious tiki-inspired drink that travels to South America, and is perfect for those looking to mix up some new and interesting cocktails. It features Guasca feijoa, a unique distilled spirit from Colombia, and is paired with Alkkemist gin, Lewis and Clark gin and passion fruit and orgeat.

Molecular Mixology

Molecular Mixology is one of the newer trends in bartending. It takes a lot of the same ideas and techniques from molecular gastronomy, a form of food science that combines scientific analysis with cooking, and applies it to cocktail making.

Originally conceived in the kitchen by chefs like Ferran Adria and Heston Blumenthal, molecular mixology was adapted to the bar with the help of pioneering mixologists such as Tony Coniglario and Eben Freeman. Today, many craft bars across the world are adopting molecular gastronomy techniques to make their cocktails stand out.

It is a type of specialized bartending that involves using professional equipment to create chemical mixtures. These kits enhance a cocktail by creating new flavours and sensations.

When mixing a cocktail, a bartender uses a variety of professional equipment such as blowtorches, liquid nitrogen, foams and mists to generate chemical reactions that transform the drink. It can also create an amazing visual effect.

Some of the most popular molecular techniques involve changing the texture, density or viscosity of a liquid. Some of these techniques include emulsification, which makes two liquids that don’t normally mix bind together. It also involves spherification, which turns a liquid substance into spheres.

Other specialized techniques include jellification, which uses gelatin or agar to coagulate a liquid into a gel. It is often used to add a thicker, chewier texture to a cocktail.

Another technique involves grilling fruits and vegetables to alter their textures and flavors. It is sometimes combined with a method called ice-cold smoke, which uses dry ice to vaporize ingredients that produce a smoky taste.

These techniques have been used in drinks as varied as the whiskey marshmallow, which is a jello-like treat made with liquid nitrogen, and the Hurricane, which is a smoky glass of Champagne.

There are several ingredients that can be used in molecular cocktails, including calcium chloride, gum acacia, xantham gum, soy lecithin and gelatin. They can be combined with alcohol or juices to give the liquids a firmer texture and flavor.

Molecular mixology is one of the most unique and fascinating trends in the world of drinks. It combines science and creativity to make cocktails that are as fun to drink as they are delicious. Whether you’re an avid cocktail drinker or just looking for something different, molecular mixology is a great way to explore your creative side.

Hens at Home

Whether you’re planning a hens party or just looking for a unique way to celebrate a special occasion, a mobile cocktail class is a great option! Your group will enjoy a selection of inventive cocktails from the comfort of your own home or rented venue and you’ll be guided through each one by an RSA certified mixologist.

Choosing a hen party activity that’s fun, interactive and allows everyone to get involved can be a challenge. If you’re short on time, there are a number of online cocktail classes available that can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home!

Another great option is to have a mobile bar where everyone can serve their own concoctions throughout the evening. Provide mixers (such as juice, lemonade and cola), glassware, shakers and cocktail recipes for your guests to get creative.

If you want to take things further, a cocktail making masterclass is a great idea. Unlike most of the other hens ideas, this one isn’t shared, meaning that every hen can have a go at creating her own drink!

To make a classic cocktail, add the following ingredients to a mixing glass: 5 raspberries, sugar, ice and bourbon. Stir until the berries are crushed and the ice is dissolved. Double strain the drink into a glass. Top with a splash of cold coca-cola.

A cocktail making masterclass is a great way to get the hens in the mood for a naughty night out. During the course of the event, you’ll be taught how to mix up 3 incredible cocktails by a professional & fun mixologist who will come to your accommodation or party location.

Then, you’ll have a chance to taste all of your creations before competing in a team competition to find out who can create the best cocktail! You’ll also have the option to hire a buff butler or male bar tender for an additional cost.

To keep your hens fed, you can serve platters of fruit, cheese and crackers; or alternatively, opt for easy finger food such as mini sausage rolls, sandwiches and grazing platters to ensure that each hen has something different to eat. If your hens are particularly hungry, you could also consider serving a selection of desserts and snacks such as brownies, chocolates or cupcakes.