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Top 5 Cocktail Making Kits

Having access to high-end spirits in small, travel-friendly containers makes it easy to mix a cocktail wherever you are. These tins are perfect for traveling or gift giving, and each kit includes all the ingredients you need to make three drinks.

This subscription box sends you a cocktail recipe each month along with the mixers and garnishes needed to create it. You can also choose to receive only the mixers, if you live in a state that doesn’t allow alcohol delivery.

1. Vacu Vin Holographic Shaker Set

The cocktail shaker and bottle top is a must have for any serious boozehound. It is a functional piece of kit that can be used to its optimum octane levels in less time than it takes to drink the contents. This is a definite must have for any bartender with a well stocked liquor cabinet in the main house or the garage. Using this cocktail shaker and bottle top in conjunction with a few quality spirits should have you in the good graces of the master octet in no time. The best part is that you are able to enjoy your favourite libations without the stress and fumbling of a bourbon slugger slashing a scotch glass.

2. Channel Knives

Channel knives are a must-have in every cocktail maker’s kit. They are great for making ribbons of citrus peel and other decorative garnishes. Using a channel knife is simple and intuitive, and it takes only seconds to make beautiful decorations on your drink or salad.

Besides citrus peels, a channel knife can also be used for other decorative tasks, such as cutting stripes in carrots or cucumbers. They’re also useful for carving melons, pumpkins, and other fruits and vegetables to add texture and visual appeal to your dishes.

A good channel knife is made from a sturdy, professional-grade stainless steel. The blades are corrosion-resistant and will last a long time without dulling. The curved tip makes it easy to cut through food.

They can be purchased from better home ware stores or from restaurant supply stores. They usually come in a variety of sizes, so you can find one that will suit your needs.

It’s important to choose the right channel knife tip, so that you can get the best results. Some tips are U-shaped, while others are V-shaped. Choosing the right one depends on your personal preferences, but you should choose a tip that will cut through foods quickly and efficiently.

Another thing to consider is the handle on the channel knife. If the knife is too clunky or feels uncomfortable in your hand, it’s not going to be as productive. If you’re looking for a lightweight, ergonomic channel knife, the GlitzToKitsch Stainless Steel Channel Knife is a good option.

A channel knife is also a great tool to have if you want to prepare fancy cakes and desserts, including chocolate rings and fruit rings for pies and tarts. You can even candy the rinds of citrus fruits and other produce to add some flair to your baked goods.

3. Chunky Diamond Ice Cubes

Chunky diamond ice cubes are the perfect way to enhance any cocktail with a hint of bling. Each diamond will melt at a slower rate than standard ice cubes, allowing you to enjoy your drink for longer without diluting it too much.

The ice trays are made from food-safe, dishwasher-safe silicone so you can use them time and time again. You can even give these ice cube trays as gifts for friends who love diamonds!

In general, you should always use ice that is at least 6 degrees C below freezing for cocktails. This helps to ensure that the ice does not become cloudy, which can affect the taste of your drink.

This is especially important if you are using a whiskey as a base ingredient in a cocktail. Adding a large chunk of ice can actually dilute the flavour of your whiskey, so you should always try to use smaller ice cubes to enhance the taste of your cocktail.

Another way to improve your cocktail is by using dry ice. This can add an extra layer of smoky flavour to your drink and will keep it very cold. It can also be used as a garnish for drinks so you can really make it your own.

Alternatively, you can also use small ice cubes instead of dry ice to enhance the flavour of your drink. This can be a great way to serve a few drinks at a party as it will help keep your guests cool.

Lastly, Wintersmith’s has a variety of products for making clear ice. Their Phantom Mini is a decent option that makes three large ice spheres and three small ice spheres, while their full-sized Phantom is more expensive but can make a lot of ice.

4. Vacu Vin Cocktail Shaker Set

The Vacu Vin Cocktail Shaker Set is one of the most useful and impressive cocktail tools on the market. This two piece Boston shaker set is a must have for the professional bartender as well as the novice at home cocktail enthusiast. It is crafted from durable 18/8 stainless steel and has a copper coating for a high-end look and feel. It has a weighted top to ensure the shaking process is smooth and a tight-fitting lid to keep your cocktails chilled as you shake.

The set includes a 2-ounce jigger and a Hawthorne strainer. Both are made from food-grade stainless steel with a copper-coated finish to prevent pitting. The jigger is designed to measure 1.5 ounces of your favorite spirit while the strainer can filter small amounts of ice and ingredients without diluting your beverage.

It has a unique patented Oxiloc system that makes it easy to shake and pour. Its snazzy design also includes a scale which measures the volume of your concoction in milliliters and ounces.

This two-piece shaker set is a classic and sleek design that feels and performs like a high-end version of the Boston shaker. It is weighted precisely to form a tight-fitting closure and is a must have for anyone serious about their craft. Its best-selling tins can be purchased in a variety of sizes for all your needs. The best part is that they are affordable and will last a lifetime.

The Vacu Vin Cocktail Shaker has a long list of features and functions that will help you make the perfect cocktail in no time at all. It is a must have for any bartender or cocktail enthusiast and can be used for both home and commercial applications.

5. The Cocktail Box Co.

Subscription boxes are a convenient way to make bar-quality cocktails at home without the hassle of sourcing and prepping ingredients. Some offer alcohol, while others simply provide mixers and other ingredients to create classic cocktails.

Shaker & Spoon offers a curated subscription cocktail box with everything but the alcohol needed to make three original recipes by award-winning mixologists each month. Each kit includes a variety of ingredients including house-made specialty syrups, bitters, garnishes, mixers, and citrus.

Whether you’re traveling or just want to add a little more variety to your cocktail rotation, these kits are perfect for making a delicious drink on the go. They come in a small, compact tin and include all the necessary ingredients to create classic cocktails such as gin and tonics or Moscow mule.

These kits are perfect for travel and can be packed easily into a bag. They’re also ideal for gift giving and will make a great addition to any bartender’s toolkit.

If you’re looking to get more acquainted with the craft of mixing cocktails, The American Cocktail Club is a great option. Each monthly shipment of their “Everything Box” includes four mini bottles of the base spirit, a 4 oz bottle of special juice blend, a carbonated mixer, a recipe card, and one additional goodie (like garnish or a bar tool).

The American Cocktail Club also offers three-, six-, or 12-month subscriptions. Those who choose to commit to longer lengths save money by taking advantage of product discounts and free shipping.

Cocktail Courier is an all-in-one bartender’s best friend. The company offers two subscription choices (with or without the alcohol) and allows you to customize your delivery schedule, skip months with no penalty, and add on glassware and bar tools for a well-rounded home bar experience.