Cocktail Mixing Class

Taking a Cocktail Mixing Class Online

If you’re interested in learning how to mix cocktails but don’t have time for in-person training, online cocktail classes are a great option. These courses are affordable and can help you pick up the habits of professional bartenders.

Some online mixology classes even feature fun team building activities. These are a perfect way to build chemistry amongst team members!


Masterclass is an online learning platform that teaches you how to do something with the help of famous and successful people. The classes are video lessons that range in length from 2 to 5 hours and each course is accompanied by a downloadable class workbook.

Founded in 2014, by Stanford student David Rogier, MasterClass has grown to be one of the largest online education platforms. It offers a variety of classes in many fields including cooking, art, and writing.

The best part about taking a class from a MasterClass is that it combines the benefits of video lessons with a live community. You can engage with other students in discussion forums, ask questions, and even post your own work.

While these are great opportunities to learn from the experts, they also present some challenges. First, you have to choose which courses you want to take.

Second, you have to find the time to watch them. Some classes run for hours and others are short, so it can be hard to get through them all in a single sitting.

In addition to video lessons, MasterClass has a feature called Sessions that allows you to participate in a hands-on learning experience with teaching assistants. The sessions are 30 days long and consist of different activities and projects.

MasterClass also provides a downloadable lesson workbook for each course that you can refer to again and again. The workbook summarizes the key points of each video and provides additional reading materials for supplemental learning.

The class workbooks are also a great way to document your progress. For example, you can write a summary of what the teacher said in each video. This can help you remember what you learned and apply it to your own project.

Unlike other online educational services, MasterClass focuses on the quality of its courses rather than their quantity. Its instructors are renowned experts in their field, which ensures that the lessons are high-quality and interesting.

Ivy Mix

Ivy Mix is a Brooklyn-based bartender who specializes in pan-Latin cocktails. She is also the founder of Speed Rack, a cocktail competition that benefits breast cancer research.

When she was 19 years old, Mix traveled to Guatemala where she learned how to mix drinks. She fell in love with the country and spent many years there. She smuggled tequila and other mezcales across the Mexican border to bring back to the United States, and she eventually opened her own bar in New York.

While Ivy’s roots are in Vermont, she has been living and working in Brooklyn for nearly 10 years. She has become a local favorite for her unique take on the cocktail industry.

She has also made it her mission to make the service industry a more inclusive place for women. In addition to her bar, Leyenda, she is a co-founder of Speed Rack, an international competition created by and for female bartenders that benefits breast cancer research and awareness.

In this class, Ivy will walk you through the basics of mixing a cocktail from start to finish. She will teach you how to create a drink that is both balanced and delicious, with a focus on making each component taste good together.

To do this, she uses a spreadsheet called “the flavor spread,” which encompasses the entire flavor spectrum and designates a balance of sweet, bitter, savory, fruity, herbal and more. She also shares her expertise on the use of ice, the perfect glass for a cocktail, and how to present your creation.

When she’s not experimenting with the latest trends, Ivy mixes at her home bar in Brooklyn. It’s a bright, open space that she wants to be the kind of place where everyone can come and feel welcome. She hopes that the atmosphere of the bar is akin to a church or a happy family, where everyone can come in and celebrate whatever they are celebrating.

Ivy’s first cocktail experience came when she traveled to Guatemala and fell in love with a bar there called Cafe No Se. It was a place where she could learn to mix different types of mezcales and tequilas.

Flavored Simple Syrup Set

Simple syrup is one of the easiest ways to add sweetness to any beverage. It works well in iced drinks and cocktails, but it’s also great for adding to coffee or tea. It can even be used as a glaze for cakes or tarts.

Typically, simple syrup is made with sugar and water in a ratio of one part sugar to one part water. However, you can use other types of sugar, such as honey for a honey simple syrup, dark brown sugar, demerara sugar, raw sugar, or molasses.

You can also make flavored simple syrup by infusing it with extracts and spices or herbs and flowers. You can infuse your syrup with things like vanilla, cinnamon, rosemary, mint, lavender, and rose petals. This is a fun way to experiment with flavor combinations and create something new and exciting!

To infuse your simple syrup, first bring the water to a boil. Then, stir in the infusion ingredients. Heat the mixture until it’s hot, but not boiling, and continue to simmer and stir until you have the desired flavor.

After you’ve infused your syrup, you can mix it with your favorite mixers to make your cocktail. Or, you can simply enjoy it on its own!

When you’re ready to drink your flavored simple syrup, pour it into a glass or bottle and add a small amount of your favorite extract. You can also gift your syrup to your friends and family as a special treat.

The best part about making your own flavored simple syrup is that you can control the flavor and sweetness. Then, you can mix it with your favorite liquor or mixer and enjoy a delicious drink every time!

Flavored syrups are a delicious addition to any drink, whether you’re enjoying it with your favorite liquor or non-alcoholic mixer. These recipes are easy to make and will last for weeks in the fridge or freezer.

The perfect combination of flavors and high-quality extracts makes these syrups a great way to add extra flavor to your cocktails. With flavors like cherry almond, rhubarb vanilla bean, and pear rosemary Prosecco, they’re sure to make your drinks taste fresh and flavorful!


Dandelyan, a London bar owned and operated by Ryan Chetiyawardana, has launched five cocktails menus since its opening in 2014. It’s one of the many bars that has made a splash in the world of cocktail making with its focus on sustainability.

Dandelyan is a bar located inside the Mondrian Hotel on the Southbank that uses botanicals and other natural ingredients to create its drinks. The drinks are inspired by botany and the underlying science behind the plants that they are made of.

The bar’s owner, Chetiyawardana, studied biology and philosophy at university before deciding to pursue his passion for mixology. Having lived abroad as a child, he grew up with a deep respect for the environment and nature.

His nomadic lifestyle and interest in botany led him to create Dandelyan, a bar that celebrates plant life in its beverages. Initially, the bar focused on locality and seasonality, but later, its menu started to take on a more holistic view of botany.

For its latest cocktail menu, Chetiyawardana and his team are exploring the idea of industrialization, specifically how the world of plants has changed over the centuries. This is reflected in the creation of a new series of drinks that are focused on four key ingredients: cereal, hops, fruit and rootstock grafting.

These drinks aren’t your usual gin and tonic or martini, but they are still delicious. For instance, the Air Raid Gimlet blends Mr Lyan Cream Gin with pearl barley and carrot-currant cordial.

There’s also the Standing Stones, which combines Maker’s Mark whiskey with bitter strawberry old vine wine. In addition to the botanicals that are used in these drinks, they are also made using koji, which is a naturally occurring fungus that’s commonly found in Asian cultures.

In his class, Chetiyawardana explains that the reason for this is because it gives the drinks a fresh taste. He also explains how to mix the cocktails correctly, so that they aren’t overly sweet or sour.

This is a really interesting class that will help you learn to make the perfect drink for any occasion. You’ll get to try out different flavors and learn some of the secrets that professional bartenders use when mixing a cocktail. This is a great way to gain the skills you need to become a professional mixologist and start creating amazing cocktails for your friends and family.