london cocktail masterclass

London Cocktail Masterclasses

If you’re a cocktail fanatic, or just want to learn how to mix up something special, then London has plenty of places to offer. From a cheeky masterclass where you get to wear a buff butler uniform, to a virtual masterclass that lets you hang out with friends from anywhere in the world, we’ve got you covered.


Purl, located in Marylebone, fuses luxury and creativity into its cocktail menu. It aims to bring classic cocktails back to the forefront of London’s drinking scene while adding new flare and creativity to forgotten libations.

The drinks are created using aromas and fogs, airs and foams, bespoke service ware and liquid nitrogen – balancing traditional mixing with modern molecular techniques to enhance every sip you take. This isn’t your average cocktail bar: it’s a truly immersive experience.

In this two-hour session, you’ll learn about the history and concepts of mixology before being given the chance to experiment with a range of delicious ingredients. You’ll also learn the specialised techniques needed to create these luscious concoctions.

Once you have a good understanding of how these scrumptious libations are created, you’ll be able to make them at home and share your expertise with friends and family. You’ll receive a complimentary drink on arrival, and then you’ll be guided through the process of making four different cocktails.

You’ll be able to choose your preferred flavours of syrup and garnishes from the selection available, and you’ll be given the guidance of an experienced mixologist to help you achieve the results that you desire. Afterwards, you’ll be able to enjoy your creations with a selection of bar snacks as you settle in for a truly unique cocktail masterclass that will change the way you approach the drink-making process!

If you aren’t keen on alcoholic beverages, there’s a selection of non-alcoholic cocktails available. You’ll also be able to taste all of the cocktails that you have made.

What’s more, you’ll have a fun time doing it! The bartenders are incredibly entertaining and you’ll have fun watching them concoct these unique drinks.

Purl is a shinny and glossy place to visit, with a seasonal menu that is always changing. On one occasion you may be enjoying a detonated lemon twist, on another you’ll be drinking a hot chocolate with dry ice smothered over the top. Some of the cocktails are poured into tipy tin cans and kitsch London boxes – you’ll definitely want to bring a camera to capture the moments.

The Hide Bar

The Hide Bar has a reputation for being one of Dallas’ best cocktail bars and has been in business since it opened in 2017. Owners David Backlund and Jessica Jenkins have done a great job of elevating the traditional guest experience to make HIDE an immersive experience that will convert guests into discerning drinkers.

When you think of cocktail bars, you might imagine loud, crowded, obnoxious spaces, but The Hide Bar is much quieter than that. The space, located above a trio of Michelin-starred restaurants, is a calm refuge from the chaos of Piccadilly – a place that doesn’t feel cluttered and claustrophobic at all.

With a menu that is as varied as it is adventurous, The Hide Bar has the kind of cocktails that will appeal to the casual imbiber who wants to try something new without going overboard. For example, The Devil in Diguise is a delicious combination of Mezcal, bourbon, perique tobacco liqueur, tamarind and egg – a bold, umami hit that will have you feeling like you’re in a different world.

But the cocktails don’t stop there. The Hide also has a great menu of elevated bar food, which makes for a more complete dining experience. Among its dishes are pizzas, the Og hide double cheeseburger and crispy rice with ahi tuna – all made in-house from scratch daily.

Aside from the drinks, The Hide Bar is a great place to have fun with friends or for a romantic date night. The staff is friendly, there’s a good mix of people here and the atmosphere is nice and relaxed. There’s even a happy hour on weekdays from 3-6pm, with $7 cheeseburgers, $5-$7 appetizers and $7 cocktails!

Butlers with Bums

A hide a bar liquor cabinet is the perfect solution for those who don’t have enough room in their house to store their wine and drinks. These cabinets are usually smaller than a traditional bar set up and tend to have a more classic design. Some also feature a wooden finish, which is ideal for those who want a traditional style for their home.

A hidden bar is a great way to save space and have a cosy, intimate setting for a party or gathering. They’re ideal for hen parties, birthdays and other get-togethers where people will be sharing the space with each other.

These bars are often tucked away in a laneway and can be found across the city. They’re a great escape from the hustle and bustle of the busy city and are perfect for those who prefer to chat and laugh in a relaxed, private setting.

Butlers with Bums are a popular way to have a fun, entertaining experience at your hen party or birthday celebration. These hunky men can be hired for your event to serve drinks, play games and engage in some friendly banter with you and your guests.

They can also be booked to pose completely naked for photos, making them the perfect addition to any hen party. Their buff butlers wear an apron, collar and bow tie so you can enjoy their sexy appearance whilst still maintaining a professional demeanour.

A cocktail masterclass is a great way to learn how to mix up some tasty drinks. These classes are hosted by a mixologist and take place at some of the best cocktail bars in London.

In these sessions, you’ll be taught how to make expert cocktails and personalised concoctions. These workshops are also a good way to try something new and experiment with different ingredients.

In addition to their sexy service, Butlers with Bums also offer a mobile cocktail making class, where you can have a sexy butler come to your house and teach you how to make your favourite cocktails. They will also play some cheeky cocktail related games and competitions so you can have a night of fun with your friends.

Dirty Martini

A dirty Martini is a variation of the classic gin and vermouth cocktail that adds a splash of olive brine. It is a delicious and slightly salty drink that is easy to make at home.

Dirty Martinis have become very popular and are served at many restaurants. They are also a popular choice for parties and are perfect for enjoying with friends and family.

When making a dirty martini, you will need gin and dry vermouth. You can also use vodka if you do not like gin.

This is a classic cocktail that has been around for centuries. It is made with a variety of ingredients and can be enjoyed by both men and women.

The Dirty Martini is one of the most popular variations on the original gin and vermouth cocktail. It is easy to make and is a favorite for drinkers who enjoy the taste of olives.

It is important to remember that Dirty Martini is a high-calorie drink and should be avoided by those who want to lose weight. It can contain 220 calories, which is more than a small glass of wine or beer.

You can avoid the calories in a Dirty Martini by using low-calorie gin and using fresh fruit instead of garnishes. The drink will still taste great, but it will be healthier for you.

A Dirty Martini can be prepared with a simple shaker or with a bar spoon and mixing glass. It is better to use a mixing glass because it will allow you to measure the ingredients accurately.

If you are using a mixing glass, make sure to stir it regularly with ice to dilute the drink. This will help you avoid the slush that sometimes comes from shaking a dirty martini.

It is also a good idea to choose a cocktail mixing glass that has a high quality seal and is made from durable materials. This will prevent the drink from leaking and becoming contaminated by bacteria.

The Dirty Martini is an iconic cocktail that can be found at any bar and has a long history. It is also a popular drink that can be enjoyed by people who are new to drinking alcohol.