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5 London Groupons For a Cocktail Making Experience

If you’re looking for a unique cocktail making experience in London, look no further. There are a number of different cocktail masterclasses available in the city.

The best part about these experiences is that you can book them in advance & avoid the queues outside. This is especially great if you’re planning on inviting a group of friends or family.

Moonshine Saloon

A groupon from Moonshine Saloon combines immersive theatre and world-class cocktail making. Based in East London, the venue is a great option for those looking to step off the streets and into a Wild West saloon.

Once inside, your party can chance their luck at card and dice games, exchange tales of the West and enjoy personalised cocktails made by an expert mixologist using your own liquor. They have multiple slots from the afternoon through to evening with more availability on weekends.

In addition to their cocktail menu, the venue also serves up food and drinks. They have a pool table, karoke and a large area to hang out in.

Guests are expected to bring their own alcohol, but can choose from a range of options such as Vodka, Gin, Rum or Tequila. The barkeepers will then mix them into delicious moonshine cocktails for your group, which they will serve throughout the 1 hour 45 minute experience.

The venue has a Wild West theme and expects guests to look the part. They will be fitted up by a ‘tailor’ who will provide Western outfits and accessories such as Stetson hats and cowboy shirts.

The venue is designed to transport punters from the streets of London into a Wild West themed Saloon, which will allow them to become involved in an undercover moonshine operation. During their time in the Saloon, they can rub shoulders with gamblers and outlaws, try their hand at card and dice games and even visit the Moonshine Distillery.

Wizard Exploratorium

Wizard Exploratorium is an immersive Harry Potter-themed experience that will have you feeling as if you are in Diagon Alley. Here, you can cast spells, brew potions and even enjoy a spellbinding afternoon tea.

Aside from the wand and potion making experiences, this venue also offers a scrumptious selection of sweet treats and an interactive educational toy store. They also have an extensive menu of non-alcoholic drinks, including a range of vegan and gluten-free options, so you can make your experience as magical as you want!

They offer three different experiences in their central Soho venue; a Magic Wand Experience, Potions Making Experience and Wizard Afternoon Tea. These are best booked online and in advance of your visit.

For the Potions Experience, you’ll be given a wand and some molecular mixology skills to brew two elixirs from a menu of options that have unique traits and effects. You’ll also be able to pour one of the elixirs using your wand, so you can try it out before you head home!

In addition to a selection of alcoholic cocktails, you’ll be able to choose two non-alcoholic drinks. There’s also an interactive wand that you can use to cast spells on your drinks!

The social-distance friendly, interactive wizarding tea brewing experience is an immersive and fun way to spend some time with the family. It is especially suitable for little witches and wizards and is a great way to get children involved in the subtle science of tea brewing, molecular gastronomy and technology.

The Bletchley: Cryptic Cocktail Experience

The Bletchley: Cryptic Cocktail Experience is a new immersive experience in Chelsea, London, which combines the idea of code breaking and cocktails. It’s inspired by the work of mathematician Alan Turing and fictional spy Sherlock Holmes.

The venue is a three-storey former gin palace that disguises a secret underground war room, where guests are put in military costume and enter a world of code breaking and puzzle solving. The cipher machines, radio transmitters and Sherlock style escape rooms all create an authentic experience for guests.

Once inside the bunker, sat at a cipher machine and wearing a WW2 jacket, you’ll need to crack codes in order to reach the personalised cocktails awaiting you. This will involve you using your detective skills to decode clues from a range of senses and smelling, tasting and listening to different sounds.

These clues are transmitted via radio to a back office where a team of expert mixologists use these clues to create the bespoke, one-of-a-kind cocktails for you. These recipes will stay a secret between you and the mixologists, so you can rest assured that your drinks will never be replicated.

It’s a unique experience for lovers of puzzles, adventure and booze. It’s also a great idea for date nights, birthdays or to just enjoy some time out with a friend. The prices are PS36 per person and it includes 1 welcome drink plus 2 cryptic/mission cocktails.

The Alchemist

The Alchemist is a hidden gem that offers late night drinks and a unique experience. It’s a must for Shoreditch and Old Street partygoers and offers drinks table reservations Thursday – Saturday post 10pm through their online booking process.

The menu at Alchemist has a strong foundation of classic techniques and modern research. Head chef Rasmus Munk’s obsessive search for the best ingredients means you can expect to find caviar, pigeon aged in beeswax and fresh seafood – served in creative ways that will impress as well as energise your senses.

A new menu has recently been launched by The Alchemist with a focus on the mystical world of the cocktail. This is where you’ll find all their most iconic concoctions including the Legal One – a combination of cardamom gin, citrus and fruit flavours served in a smoking bong!

Whether you’re looking for a light snack or a full meal, The Alchemist has something for everyone. They also serve up a selection of delicious desserts, including the yakitori caramelised pineapple which is a must for summer 2022!

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At Purl, a speakeasy-style bar in London’s Marylebone, you can sip on the oddball creations that its bartenders conjure up. Discover how they balance traditional mixing techniques with inventive molecular technique, allowing you to develop a genuine understanding of the process.

The cocktail menu is full of dazzling and experimental libations, so there’s something for everyone. From dry ice and charming concoctions to cocktails in a bag and ice cream endeavours, this is the perfect place to indulge your inner mixologist.

Among the drinks you can try is the Golden Purl, which is made with cider and gin. It’s a great winter warmer that has notes of pine, florals, citrus and roots.

It also has warming spices like cinnamon, ginger and cloves, which makes it ideal for the colder months. This drink is also a nice alternative to whiskey and brandy, as it offers a more bracing taste.

Another interesting choice is the Purl, which is a simple mix of gin and beer. This was an old-fashioned favourite that was often consumed by Thames boatmen in the 18th century.

It’s no surprise that the film reflects some hot-button issues, such as workplace misogyny and a lack of diversity. Pixar, which is known for its family-friendly films, doesn’t often explore such topics, but this short by Pixar SparkShorts director Kristen Lester, does. It’s a fascinating commentary on how women are forced to fit in with male-dominated work forces.

Lucky Voice

For a night of music and laughter, Lucky Voice is a great place to go. The venue boasts state-of-the-art karaoke pods where you can belt out your favourite tunes to a DJ and keep your vocal cords lubricated with cocktails and bar snacks!

If you’re feeling peckish, the food menu offers pizzas and sharing dishes. And if you want to dance the night away, the bar has live DJs on weekends.

You’ll need to book a slot for your karaoke session, but there are discounts available for groups of four and more. You can also try the brunch package on Saturdays, which includes top tunes from party DJs and unlimited food and drinks!

A private karaoke experience is also available at Lucky Voice. Taking up to 25 people, this is the perfect event for a special celebration, such as a birthday or hen do. The private rooms come complete with microphones, a large screen for loading your songs and a thirsty button for room service at the flex of a digit.

The drinks are good too, with a selection of cocktails on offer and a variety of mocktails and spirits to choose from. There’s even an option to order bar snacks, such as nuts and crisps.

If you’re looking for something a little different, Lucky Voice also offers a 2-4-1 deal on selected cocktails, mocktails and glasses of wine. The bar is open until midnight on weekends, and there’s a fun atmosphere inside the bar area.