cocktail making course

Why Take a Cocktail Making Course?

If you are looking for a fun way to spend time with your friends, then a cocktail making course is a great option. You will learn how to make delicious drinks like margaritas, mojitos and gin and tonics.

Some of the best cocktail classes are online, so you don’t have to worry about missing a class because of work or travel. Some of these classes will also send all the supplies you need, which is a huge bonus.

What to Expect

If you’re a cocktail lover and are looking to try your hand at mixing drinks, a cocktail making course is a great way to get started. These classes are usually led by a professional bartender and teach you how to make classic and modern cocktails. They are a fun and educational experience, perfect for a date night or a group outing.

During the course, you’ll learn how to mix different types of drinks and what ingredients to use. You’ll also learn how to avoid common mistakes and make your cocktails taste even better. You’ll also be able to ask the bartender questions and get feedback in real time.

Most of these courses last two hours and teach you how to make four or five drinks. You’ll be able to choose a variety of cocktails, including popular options like the Moscow Mule or Deep Freeze Daiquiri.

Some of these courses are held at bars, while others are hosted online. Regardless of the type of class you’re interested in, it’s important to plan the event carefully so that you can ensure everyone has a good time.

Before you can start planning the class, you’ll need to know how many people will be attending. This will help you decide how much alcohol to buy and what other ingredients to purchase. It’s also important to determine how long the class will last.

When it comes to the drinks themselves, you’ll need to decide what kind of glassware you want to use. Some glasses are designed specifically for certain types of drinks, such as a highball glass for cocktails with ice or a champagne flute for cocktails with lots of fruit.

Other types of glassware are designed to help you make the drink more visually appealing. Some of these glasses have a wider opening, so that the drinker can enjoy the aroma and taste of the drink.

Having a few different kinds of glasses makes it easier for you to create new combinations and explore more unique flavors. Having a wide selection of glasses can also help you save money when it comes to cocktail-making.


Cocktail making isn’t just mixing a few alcoholic beverages together, it requires an advanced level of knowledge and skill to create a well-rounded drink. This includes a solid understanding of the cocktail’s components, a grasp on its history, and a clear vision of how to mix it up.

One of the most important ingredients in any good cocktail is ice. This is not only essential for keeping your drink cool, but it also adds a layer of dilution that makes the concoction taste even more enjoyable. There are many ways to make ice, including freezing your own water and adding it to the cocktail, or using a machine.

Another essential ingredient is sugar. This is the key to a sweet, refreshing cocktail. A simple sugar syrup is a great place to start, but you can add other sweeteners to the mix as well.

There are some cocktails that require a lot of sugar, but the best ones use only a small amount to achieve their desired results. These are the ones that you’ll want to make again and again.

If you’re serious about learning to mix up a gin and tonic, there are several online cocktail making classes that will get you on your way. These are usually a series of videos that cover the basic principles and some of the more technical aspects of making drinks.

The best ones will teach you the science behind the cocktail’s name-brand ingredients, explain how to blend them into a concoction, and highlight some of the most important factors in achieving the perfect cocktail. A good class will also include a few tips for enhancing the flavour of your creation, and show you how to use some of the more exotic ingredients in the cocktail making process.

It’s no secret that the cocktail industry is a big business, and with so much competition, it is crucial to make your drinks stand out from the crowd. To get started, try out some of the online classes above and find your favourite.


When you take a cocktail making course, you will learn how to make a variety of different drinks. These courses can be held in person or online, and they teach you everything from choosing the right ingredients to how to measure proportions. You can also learn how to use different types of glasses and garnishes to dress up your cocktails.

You will need a variety of tools for this course, including jiggers and shakers. Jiggers are used to measure liquids while shakers help you mix drinks. Some classes will provide you with a jigger, while others will send you a kit with all of the tools you need.

A jigger is also known as a ‘bartender’s measuring tool’ and is a great way to ensure you are using the correct amount of ingredients in your cocktail. It’s important to choose a jigger that is straight-sided so you can easily judge how many quarter measures you need.

Another essential tool for a bartender is a stirrer, which is used to mix ingredients together. This is particularly useful when a recipe calls for egg whites or cream, as it helps to aerate and emulsify the ingredients.

When it comes to mixing cocktails, there are two main techniques you need to know: dry shaking and wet shaking. Dry shaking is when the ingredients are shaken without ice, which allows the ingredients to aerate and emulsify better. This technique is most commonly seen with cocktails that contain egg whites and/or cream.

Wet shaking is the opposite of dry shaking and it’s most commonly seen with cocktails that call for ice in their final glass, such as Cosmo or Margarita. Wet shaking involves adding ice to the mix and then stirring it together. This helps to cool and dilute the cocktail before serving.

The use of garnishes is an essential part of any good cocktail. These can be a variety of things, such as an olive or citrus peel. This is an important part of the cocktail experience as it adds to the flavour and gives your drink a unique appearance.

Final Words

What better way to ring in the new year than by toasting up a few of these tawny tidbits with some old timey libations. The last three courses have sold out and there are still a few seats available in the upcoming March 8 class, but there’s no need to wait until February for some fun with a drink. We’ll cover the ingredients, the requisite tools and some sexy tricks of the trade so you can get your booze on in no time. oh, and some light snacks.

You can even make it a date night by combining it with the next class. The class is limited to the lucky few and no more than 15 per session. You’ll also be treated to a bottle of the local finest on us.