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Hen Do Hen Do Ideas – Hen Do Ideas That Include Cocktail Making

Cocktail making is a great way to get the party started and add a little spice to your London hen do. With a cocktail class you’ll be able to create and shake three cocktails each with the help of an expert bartender.

It’s a fun and interactive session that will have you laughing, singing and having the time of your life! There’s even a karaoke room available for you to belt out your favourite anthems after the masterclass.

Suitable for all tastes

If you’re looking for a fun alternative to the usual hen do activities, cocktail making is perfect. It’s a low key activity that everyone can get involved with and you’ll be surprised how much you can learn in just one session!

You can choose from a range of different cocktails for your cocktail making hen do, so you’re bound to find something that appeals to each member of your party. Some people will like fruity drinks, others may prefer more traditional gin-based drinks.

Whether you’re a fan of classic cocktails or want to try out some on trend tipples, there’s something for everyone on this fun-filled hen do in London! All you need to do is book a place at your chosen venue, and your team will be set for a night of laughs.

This masterclass will see you get hands on in the mixology stall with your very own personal barman, who will guide you through a series of different drinks and help you create your own masterpieces. You’ll be given all the tools and equipment you need to make your own boozy concoctions, as well as a selection of ingredients and garnishes.

The class includes a welcome cocktail pitcher, a crash course on the history of mixology and three demonstration cocktails to sample as you work. You’ll also be able to take part in some team games to further your knowledge and creativity.

To get the best results, we recommend experimenting with different ingredients and flavours – it’s a great way to find out which ones your friends will like. You’ll then be able to take home a selection of delicious cocktail concoctions that you’ve created with your team.

There are a number of different hen party venues in London that offer cocktail making classes. You can also add a 2 course meal to the package, which is a perfect option for groups of all sizes.

Alternatively, you can have a cheeky theme for your hen do in London. There are plenty of bars with a quirky vibe, so you can enjoy bottomless drinks in an old tube carriage or a bric-a-brac inspired room at Little Nan’s Rio bar.

A great icebreaker

If you’re looking for London hen party ideas that will help your hens break the ice, then a cocktail making class is a great choice. These events are perfect for groups of all sizes and will get your hens laughing, drinking and having fun!

A fun icebreaker can be the key to helping your group bond and work together effectively. While you can’t go wrong with the classic Rock Paper Scissors game, there are also a number of other icebreakers that will help your group laugh and feel comfortable with one another.

Ask each person in your group to name three people, past or present, they admire. This can be a group member, a celebrity or anyone they know who has had an impact on them.

Once everyone has names, you can then challenge them to come up with reasons why they admire those people. It’s a great way to get to know the members of your team and it’ll give you insight into their values.

In addition to creating friendships, this icebreaker can also help your team to bond with each other. While it’s a bit more challenging than the traditional Rock Paper Scissors game, it’ll get people talking and having fun together.

Using LEGOs is another great icebreaker that will get your group laughing and having fun together. You’ll have to use a lot of creativity to make this work, but it’s sure to be a hit!

Before starting the icebreaker, you should distribute some pieces of LEGO to everyone in your group. This will allow everyone to build something that relates to the theme of your meeting or workshop.

After everyone has built their piece of LEGO, they should then have 30 seconds to explain what their building means. For example, if the theme of the meeting is creativity, each person could build a creative item such as a box of crayons or an artful object like a picture.

This icebreaker is a fun way to get your team working together, so it’s a must-try for your next hen do! It’s a perfect way to get to know your team and it’ll help you to create some lasting memories!

A fun way to bond

Cocktail making may not be the first thing that pops to mind when you’re planning a London hen do, but it is a fantastic way to flex your creativity muscles and bond the ladies before the big day. There are a variety of different cocktail making experiences to choose from, each offering something unique to the group. Some of the more high-tech venues will have a dedicated bartender to get the party started whilst others are simply providing a space to get your booze on and let your hair down.

Of course, the most important factor is to find an experience that your group will enjoy. A mixology masterclass is the perfect choice if you’re looking for something new and fun to do in London. You’ll get hands-on with the latest boozy trends while enjoying a number of the hottest drinks around. The best part is, you’ll be able to take it all with you once you’ve finished shaking the bartenders mitts.

A great way to celebrate

When it comes to hen do ideas, cocktail making can be a great way to celebrate the bride-to-be before her big day. It’s also a perfect way to get your best friends together for some boozy fun.

If you’re planning a hen do that includes a mix of ages, groups and backgrounds, then a cocktail making hen do in London could be the perfect option for you. You’ll be able to mix up some classic cocktails like a cosmopolitan, porn star martini and more!

You’ll be provided with all the equipment you need to create these cocktails as well as a fully stocked bar. You’ll be able to add gin and vodka and some fruit to garnish your drinks.

It’s a great icebreaker that everyone will enjoy! You’ll have a lot of fun and there will be a good amount of laughs.

The Xtreme Mixology hen do is one of the most popular hen party experiences in the UK and for good reason! You’ll get to experience the history of mixology, learn a bit about how to create classic cocktails and take part in some fun team games.

This hen do will take place in a beautiful location with lots of fun activities for you and the girls to enjoy. It will include a scrumptious 2 course meal and a bespoke cocktail masterclass to complete the night!

The Piano Works West End is a top spot for a London hen do and this party package includes a singalong dinner with bottomless booze. The West End location is known for its quirky cocktails and live music, so it’s the ideal spot for a hen do that you and your friends will never forget!